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About Us

The Buddhist Society of the Northern Territory aims to provide for the spiritual needs of Northern Territory Buddhists. Our Centre (The International Buddhist Centre, Darwin) welcomes all members of the community to come to learn about Buddhism, to meditate or to simply enjoy the special peace and tranquillity of our unique Centre. Today the Buddhist Society of the Northern Territory is a diverse community with practitioners from all Buddhist traditions (Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana) and from several different cultural and language backgrounds.

Our Vision

* Facilitate and promote the cultural and religious activities of the Buddhist Community of Northern Territory.

* Act without discrimination on the grounds of race, culture, nationality, gender, or Buddhist Sect, save where consistent with Buddhist Traditions. * Provide a place where all beings can practice, worship and conduct prayers.

Our Mission

* Promote Buddhist traditions of Living in peace and Harmony with all beings

* Promote Buddhist as taught by Lord Buddha by conducting activities/events for religious and spiritual education * Welcome new Members and assist members in their spiritual needs.

Our group of volunteers

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